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MA & J Vitalife Products Ltd

We bring you food and beverage products that aid you in achieving a healthier life and greater fitness!

Healthy food, Healthy living

Get healthier with our Oat Flour suitable for Swallow with any soup, Porridge, Pudding and Pastries

100% Natural Prune Health Drink
Stapleton's California Prune Health Drink

A refreshing, tasty and natural drink designed to quench your thirst and provide a burst of goodness every time you drink it

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Our Products

Healthy Food, Healthy Living

Our company produce healthy foods and source for the finest products

MA&J Vitalife Foods & Products was created by Hyman Ilonze, the highly successful Nigerian born solver of ethical and global problems.

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Enjoy the various health benefits from our products. You are assured of a healthier life and greater fitness.

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