Nigerian Healthy Foods

Healthy familyGetting the right Nigerian healthy foods has been a major concern for those who want to practice healthy living, particularly patients that are obese, diabetic and hypertensive.

It is because of this reason that MA & J Vitalife Products Ltd was set up to address this very important need.

MA & J Vitalife Products Ltd has been committed to the production of Nigerian healthy foods to ensure that people living healthy would live healthier while people suffering from ailments can work their way to living healthy.

Vitalife Oat Flour

Not only that, in addition to producing Nigerian healthy foods, the team at MA & J Vitalife Products Ltd also research and source for healthy beverages that can do justice to healthy living.

Some of the characteristic benefits of healthy foods should prevent diseases, regulate blood sugar and pressure, promote anti-aging, ease constipation, aide digestion, reduce cholesterol, control weight gain/loss, to mention but a few. At MA & J Vitalife Products Ltd, we are passionate about ensuring that these and more benefits are obtained in the diet of Nigerians.

In view of this, we embarked on producing a premium quality food product called Vitalife Oat Flour which can be regarded as one of the Nigerian healthy foods that can be trusted. Read more about Vitalife Oat Flour here.

Also, we researched several years back for healthy beverages that can be included in one’s diet of Nigerian healthy foods, then we came across Stapleton’s California Prune Health Drink. This is one healthy drink that should be considered for healthy living. Read more on Stapleton’s California Prune Health Drink here.

Stapleton's California Prune Health Drink

We will not stop producing and researching healthy foods. Read more about our products here and make your order here. Visit our website for more information at

Always remember that at MA & J Vitalife Products Ltd, It’s our sole purpose to bring you food and beverage products that aid you in achieving a healthier life and greater fitness!

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