Vitalife Oat Flour 1.4kg – Carton of 12 pieces


Nutritional Facts:

Energy 398Kcal, Beta Glucan 8.5g, Insoluble Fibre -5g,
Dietary Fibre 12.5g, Soluble Fibre 4.8g, Sodium -2g
Protein -11.0g, Sugar -0g, Calcium 29g, Iron 2.5mg
Phosphorus  214mg, Potassium 255mg
Vit. B1,B2,B3 0.33, 0.11. 0.85(mg), Cholesterol -0.0mg

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With Vitalife Oat Flour, you can make swallow with any African soup, porridge, pudding, and pastries (such as oatcakes, oat cookies, and oat bread). Vitalife Oat Flour is 100% Oat containing beta-glucan, vitamin, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, iron, and many other nutrients that guarantee wellness.

Vitalife Oat Flour is food for everyone who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle. It reduces heart disease risk, stabilizes blood sugar, lowers cholesterol, regulates blood pressure, controls weight gain/loss and diabetics can include it in their meals.

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Weight 18.15 kg
Dimensions 54.61 × 39.12 × 31.75 cm


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