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Vitalife Oat Flour

Vitalife Oat Flour

When you need to take a meal that has a lot of health benefits for both the old and young, think Vitalife Oat Flour.

With Vitalife Oat Flour, you can make porridge, pastries (such as oatcakes, oat cookies, and oat bread) and as swallow with any African soup.

Over the past decades, oat has become a very unique and popular health food. Vitalife Oat Flour is 100% oat containing beta glucan, vitamin, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, iron, and many other nutrients that guarantee wellness.

Benefits of Vitalife Oat Flour;

Reduces heart disease risk

Helps diabetics

Controls weight gain/obesity

Lowers cholesterol

Regulates sugar level

Regulates blood pressure

Stamps out constipation

Cooking instructions:

To make Oat Flour, add 2 cups of oat flour in a 3 cup boiling water, reduce heat and stir oat flour in the boiling water until the mixture is lumpy. Then add little more water and steam for a minute to cook and stir again into a smooth firm dough. remove from heat and serve warm with any sauce.

Making oat porridge:
Put half a cup of Vitalife oat flour in 2 cups of water or milk until lumpy free. Cook on low heat for a minute, add any sweetener of your choice, then serve.

For Pudding:
Leave to cool and set, then serve with fresh cream.

Vitalife Oat Flour can be used as a soup thickener and can also be used for any sort of baking.

Stapleton’s California Prune Health Drink

Stapleton's California Prune Health Drink

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from indigestion or have trouble with constipation, you know that prunes can be a fantastic source of effective relief.The reduced fats, natural antioxidants and high fiber content also make it the perfect fruit for anyone seeking good health and a long life on GOD’s great planet.

So start enjoying all of this natural goodness today and try our refreshing and delicious prune health drink.For many years, people all over Africa, the United Kingdom and Western World have been delighting in its unique wellbeing qualities

The best way to drink it: Drink just before bedtime or 1 hour before leaving for work in the morning. Don’t drink at social events – it’s not a social drink.

Benefits of Prune Health Drink

Regulates blood pressure

Aids anti-ageing

Eases constipation and aids digestion

Reduces cholesterol

Helps control diabetes

Helps with disease prevention

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